Teen Vogue: Be A "Gender Bender" With A Blazer & Cornrows

The November issue of Teen Vogue »10/16/08 3:20pm10/16/08 3:20pm has the words "Pretty in Punk" on the cover, but the closest thing you'll find inside is a peculiar, joyless "Gender Benders" fashion spread. The concept? Mixing pretty dresses with structured jackets, "tomboy" shoes and playful purses. Sounds fun! Unfortunately, the results are, well,…

After This Week, We Never Want To Hear The Words "Manolo" or "Cosmo" Ever Again

Why Cast A Black Actress In Your Movie When You Can Get Mena Suvari In Cornrows?

Today's Los Angeles Times has a story about Mena Suvari, who is starring in a new film, Stuck, by Stuart Gordon. She plays Brandi, a young woman who hits a homeless man with her car late one night, sending him right through the windshield. Brandi panics and drives home (with the guy still in her windshield) and tries… »5/29/08 1:00pm5/29/08 1:00pm

Despite What 'Glamour' Editors Say, Wear An Afro... Or Go Bald And Get AIDS

Black women have got it hard! First Glamour magazine tells them that Afros and dreads are absolutely not okay for the workplace, and now a new study shows that wearing tight braids/cornrows yields extreme hair loss in women: »8/24/07 3:30pm8/24/07 3:30pm

Now wait a second — ?! No way in hell is magazine going to stand for that one! Though,…