New Chanel Lipstick Ad Does Not Say 'Men Hate Women Who Read'

Fashionista asks, "Is the model in this new (and awesome) Chanel lipstick film saying ‘Men hate women who read'?" Well, no, she's not. She is saying: » 8/23/12 4:20pm 8/23/12 4:20pm

The Internet Erupts in Debate After Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets Out the…

Usually the only controversies Gwyneth Paltrow deals with have to do with cookbooks and juice cleanses, but she stepped in a real mire this weekend when she tweeted the n-word. It happened on Friday night when Gwyneth was in Paris and joined her BFF Beyonce for Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne tour stop. While… » 6/04/12 11:15pm 6/04/12 11:15pm

Hero Ryan Gosling's Street-Fighting Video Not Actually Filmed This Past…

Leave it to the hyper-local neighborhood bloggers to do the sleuthing: a local East Village blog points out that the video of Ryan Gosling breaking up a random street fight couldn't have happened this weekend due to the absence of the neon-colored installation that's been on street poles for a couple of weeks now. A… » 8/23/11 3:35pm 8/23/11 3:35pm

Vermont Kids Won't Party If They Can't Grind

South Burlington High School students demand their inalienable right to sexydance! So when their school banned grinding at the Winter Ball, the kids said, "nuh-uh, no way," and refused to buy tickets. No grinding = no kids = no dance. » 1/08/11 4:40pm 1/08/11 4:40pm

Vince Vaughn Apologizes For Defends Gay Joke

After Universal Pictures pulled the "gay" joke out of the trailer for Ron Howard's movie The Dilemma, Vince Vaughn has addressed the controversy. Unfortunately, he doesn't exactly seem contrite. » 10/15/10 10:21am 10/15/10 10:21am

"The Sex We're Talking About Pertains To Dogs And Cats"

PETA, with its spoiled-12-year-old-meets-mid-90's-Marilyn-Manson need for cheap attention, has resorted to the oldest trick in the book: offending the Church. Oh, and while they're at it, they managed to objectify women! Two birds! » 12/02/09 2:40pm 12/02/09 2:40pm

Wars Of Words: Week, Penney's Fracas, Blessedly Over

In the days since we gave our take on Cintra Wilson's J.C. Penney review, the thing's taken on a life of its own: Wilson's three apologies, a barrage of abuse on her site and a lot of media coverage. » 8/14/09 4:30pm 8/14/09 4:30pm

Ann Curry's Octuplet Interview Takes Me Through The (Four) Stages Of…

"Wow, Ann Curry really hates this woman." That was the text sent by a friend at 10:59pm yesterday, following the conclusion of Dateline NBC's special on Nadya Suleman, mom to 14 and enemy to millions. » 2/11/09 9:30am 2/11/09 9:30am

Ms. Magazine's Eleanor Smeal, Kathy Spillar Explain The Obama Cover

After hearing lots about the Ms. Obama cover controversy from detractors (but only a short response from publisher Eleanor Smeal), we decided to go straight to Smeal — and executive editor Kathy Spillar — herself. » 1/19/09 3:00pm 1/19/09 3:00pm