FDA Vewwy, Vewwy Quietly Changes Consumers Guide To Morning-After Pill And IUD

We know the war against/for vaginas has its bangs (no pun intended), but it seems it's got its whimpers too: because pro-lifers and conservative pundits view contraceptives that prohibit implantation as abortions (because the egg has already been fertilized, it's a microscopic lil' baby, yo), the FDA has omitted a few… »6/16/12 12:30pm6/16/12 12:30pm

It's Saturday Morning So Here's The Newest Terrible Law Signed By Vaginal Grinch Jan Brewer

It's unfortunately a regular weekend occurrence—by now as reliable as waking up hungover and popping Advil and lying in bed watching Law & Order reruns until 2 PM—to find that Arizona governor Jan Brewer has signed yet another anti-lady bill into law with the blood of a kitten as ink. Seriously, it sucks. »5/12/12 12:00pm5/12/12 12:00pm

US Halts Funding Condoms For African Clinics • Common Herpes Virus Linked To Brain Cancer

• The US government has cut off »10/06/08 5:30pm10/06/08 5:30pm USAID funding of contraceptives to clinics run by Marie Stopes International because the government alleges the organization supports forced abortions and the national family planning program in China, which MSI denies. • A of 20 men and 20 women found that people prefer cars with…