The ‘Creepy’ Dude Who Trolled Taylor Swift Says He Wasn't Trolling

Earlier this week, Boston's Kiss FM cancelled a meet and greet with beloved songstress Taylor Swift because 4chan and Reddit hijacked the online contest meant to determine who would get to meet Taylor. 4chan and Reddit helped a 39-year-old man named Charles Z. win, describing him as "creepy" and saying that he wanted… »7/25/13 10:50am7/25/13 10:50am

WTF? Ugliest Dog Contest Winner Walle Is Actually Pretty Cute

The World’s Ugliest Dog contest, an event for people who want to ritualistically shame dogs in a misguided effort to make dogs experience the same aesthetic insecurities that torment the human psyche, has chosen a winner, and no, it’s one of those hideous Chinese Cresteds that looks like it crawled out of a tarpit and… »6/22/13 12:06pm6/22/13 12:06pm

Patton Oswalt and Judy Blume Had an Adorable Bibliography-Off on Twitter Earlier Today

Sometimes the world just works exactly the way you always knew that it should but were too embarrassed to say that it should to all of your friends who pretend to read Proust and say things like, "I have the malaise." They indeed do have the malaise if they haven't yet read the bibliography-off that Patton Oswalt and… »9/30/12 8:00pm9/30/12 8:00pm

Watch Young Tom Hardy Win a Modeling Contest Despite His Headband and Wispy Mustache

Tom Hardy was super-casual about winning this modelling contest in 1998, which somehow makes it seem like headbands for dudes are really going to happen, especially if they imbue their wearers with Tom Hardy's sense of serene self-confidence. Who knew that this witty young man and his downy mustache would one day… »8/21/12 11:15pm8/21/12 11:15pm

Do You Dream of Landing a Book Deal Based on Your Devastatingly Witty Status Updates?

Don't we all. Head over to the Dream Visualizer to watch your dream turn into a personalized animation that you can then share with all of your Facebook friends.

It's nearly impossible to explain a dream. The Dream Visualizer is here to help. Share your most vivid dream, and you will get to see it animated. And we're… »4/04/11 12:00pm4/04/11 12:00pm

Win an Amazon Gift Card, and Buy Something Besides Gross, Smelly Books

The only people who think Amazon is still just for books are the Olds who do things like refer to the Times as the Grey Lady. Ew. If you take the short survey below you could win a $150 gift certificate to Amazon and get all sorts of new, young, sexy, trendy stuff like a Kindle, or an iPod, or a toaster! Email your… »3/24/11 12:00pm3/24/11 12:00pm