Men Who Buy Groceries Are Called Manfluencers Because Fuck Words

In recent years, marketers have noticed a strange, unnatural trend among American men. Normally doing man things like chopping down trees, climbing ropes, and carrying 100 lbs of bison meat back to the wagon, thanks to the MANCESSION, The American Men have been doing other things like purchase goods and services. »10/24/13 2:30pm10/24/13 2:30pm

Super Shoppers Wage War Against Black Friday

In recent years, Black Friday "doorbuster" sales have gotten nuttier and nuttier. Doors open at 5 am— no! 4 am! Flat screen TV's only 10 cents if you punch at least 3 store employees in the face! Now, some retailers are attempting to attract shoppers by starting their sales on Thanksgiving Day, a move that's being met… »11/11/11 7:45pm11/11/11 7:45pm

China's Tainted Baby Formula Scare Revives Old Fears About Chinese Products

Reports are surfacing »9/12/08 9:40am9/12/08 9:40am today that China is being rocked by a tainted baby formula scare that has resulted in the death of one child in the northwestern province of Gansu and the development of kidney stones in 50 other babies across the country. The reports have, once again, sparked local and international doubts in…

Everyone Sees Themselves In Hello Kitty • China Mixes Opera With Hip Hop For Olympics Cheerleaders

Hello Kitty's success could be explained because consumers viewed her as a "blank canvas" of possibility and could mean different things to different people. One thing: she is always adorbs!• In less than a decade, STDs among Americans 45-years-old and older has doubled. Maybe 'tis time to practice what you preach… »7/08/08 5:40pm7/08/08 5:40pm