Government Will Stay Closed For As Long As It Takes to Eradicate Sluts

Now that the government shutdown is in what feels like it elevendieth week, everything seems too stupid to be real, and here's a perfect example of why: the GOP's continued insistence that the United States government remain in stinky, stale deadlock until liberals agree to allow business owners to bar the sluts who… »10/15/13 7:20pm10/15/13 7:20pm


Nurses Fight For Their Right To Refuse Women Care

A group of nurses have sued for their right to refuse to participate in abortions, citing their anti-choice stance as reason enough to decline to care for women who have elected to terminate a pregnancy. From the way the complaint describes it, you'd think they were being ordered to line babies up and shoot them with… »11/29/11 5:55pm11/29/11 5:55pm