Sandy Hook Truther Shows Up at Memorial Run for Slain Teacher, Screams Shooting Was a Hoax

A Sandy Hook truther disrupted a run commemorating Victoria Leigh Soto, the 27-year-old teacher who died protecting her students during the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary. Stratford, Connecticut police arrested Matthew Mills, 32, after he traveled from Brooklyn to scream at the runners that the shooting “never… »11/11/15 9:50am11/11/15 9:50am


Judge Rules Your Right to a Swinging Sex Party Is Not Guaranteed By The Constitution

If you were planning on hosting a swingers’ party anytime soon, be warned of an important new development: a federal judge has just ruled that unless swingers’ parties advocate for a certain lifestyle or feature a performance element, they’re not protected by the first amendment. And if you’re throwing the party,… »10/06/15 2:05pm10/06/15 2:05pm

Of 25 Connecticut Nail Salons Inspected, 23 Were Shut Down Over Wage Violations

While Gov. Cuomo has brought about significant changes in New York following the New York Times “Unvarnished” series on nail salon worker exploitation, including a push for new legislation, an inspection task force, and a public education campaign requiring salons to post a “manicurist’s bill of rights,” nail salons… »8/18/15 12:05pm8/18/15 12:05pm

High School Bans Backless Prom Dresses, Ruins Lives

Officials at a Connecticut school are ruining prom a full week before the bad music even begins with a late dress code announcement — no gowns that are backless or have slits or cut-outs will be allowed. If students disobey these rules, they’ll be sent home even if they’ve already paid nearly $100 for a prom ticket. »5/13/15 7:45pm5/13/15 7:45pm

This Infamous 2010 'Douche Bag' Manual Ruled a Connecticut High School

Today, somebody sent an angel to our inbox: a once-infamous pick up artistry manual that made the rounds in one very special-sounding Connecticut high school several years back. But could teens in a Connecticut high school possibly know about sex? you might be asking yourself. The answer, both now and throughout the… »5/05/15 9:10am5/05/15 9:10am

Teen Removed From Home, Forced to Undergo Chemo Against Her Will

A 17-year-old Connecticut girl suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma has been court-ordered to undergo chemotherapy, despite the fact that she doesn't want the treatment and has the support of her mother to refuse it. After the teen refused the drugs, her mother says she was removed from their home. She's now… »1/08/15 5:10pm1/08/15 5:10pm

This Man's Name Could Not Be Any More Perfect For His Mugshot

A Connecticut man was arrested in Bridgeport last week in connection to an armed robbery committed in June. Aside from the fact that he now faces charges of first-degree robbery and sixth-degree larceny, his name has also been picked up by the internet and it's almost as good as Crystal Metheney. (but not quite.) »7/22/14 3:30pm7/22/14 3:30pm

In the Wake of Sandy Hook, Connecticut Passes Some of the Strictest Gun Legislation in the Country

Yesterday, bipartisan lawmakers in Connecticut have created a bill that includes several new gun control laws that, if passed, will make the state one of the strictest on guns in the nation. The deal includes a ban on 100 new types of firearms, a ban on new high-capacity ammunition magazines, a statewide dangerous… »4/02/13 12:40pm4/02/13 12:40pm

Introducing 'Emergency Rape', This Season's Hottest Rape Trend

You've heard of "legitimate rape" and "forcible rape" and "rape rape" and (thanks, Ron Paul!) "honest rape," but have you heard the new rape hotness? Last night, during a debate between Connecticut Senate candidates, Republican upper house hopeful Linda McMahon explained her view on emergency contraception by… »10/16/12 2:25pm10/16/12 2:25pm

Homeless Woman Sent to Jail for Sending Son to Wrong School District

A homeless 33-year-old Connecticut woman has pleaded guilty to felony larceny and will likely serve jail time in addition to being forced to pay restitution to the state. What, exactly, did she steal? By lying about her address in order to enroll her son in a better school district, prosecutors are alleging that she… »2/29/12 9:05pm2/29/12 9:05pm

Teen Harlotry Leads Catholic School to Ban Skirts from Uniform

Starting next fall, instead of jumpers and skirts, female students at a Connecticut parochial school will dress in khakis and polo shirts just like their male classmates. Weirdly, the group most upset about this is the parents, who seem genuinely distressed by the change— not because of any practical reason, but… »2/02/12 11:20am2/02/12 11:20am

World's Worst Paramedic Sexually Assaults Woman While Heading to Hospital

On Christmas day, a 22-year-old woman from Connecticut drank a little too much at a party and fell backwards into a mirror, hitting her head. She was knocked unconscious so fellow party-goers called an ambulance, but spending the day in the hospital isn't what turned her holiday into a nightmare. The woman says that… »1/10/12 2:15pm1/10/12 2:15pm