An Introvert In TV Land: Finding My Inner GPS

When a producer from The Steve Harvey Show contacted me after reading a few essays I'd published in The Huffington Post about relationships and dating, and invited me to be on the show, I didn't quite believe it to be true. I'd written "Public Service Announcement for a First Date," "Is My Dating Life Doomed?" and "… » 11/14/14 2:43pm 11/14/14 2:43pm

Solve Sexism With Overconfidence, Hope and Changing Your Brain

Even the best thinking on how to achieve economic/political parity with men always comes back to this conundrum: Women should act more like men to get ahead, but when they do, they are often penalized. So let's teach women how to act more confident, yet deferential, so as not to offend men. Then let's cross our… » 4/17/14 5:20pm 4/17/14 5:20pm

Is Your Confidence Determined By Your Mother?

There are all different types of Moms. Some are encouraging, some are supportive, some are undermining. Do you think your mother's expectations of you have an impact on your success? Eirini Flouri and researchers from The University of London's Institute of Education analyzed data » 10/03/08 5:00pm 10/03/08 5:00pm from a study of children born in…