'I Bought My Boyfriend Call of Duty So [Our] Breakup Will Be Easier'

The last time we took a look at Whisper—a popular app that allows users to post text and photos with confessionswe saw that it was full of dissatisfied young women who get ignored by their significant others because of games. But that's not the only type of secret that people share on the service. »1/20/14 3:30pm

Pizza Company Tries to Make Everyone Forget it Promoted Sexual Assault By Donating to Rape Crisis Center

New Zealand's Hell Pizza offers a regular "confessional" competition in which customers try and best each other with their most scandalous stories. Last week, the company's Facebook page posted a douchey bro version of a trigger warning before the winning confession — "Don't read below if you're easily offended" —… »8/16/12 10:10am

Peggy Noonan "Wins" Democratic Op-Ed Primary, But Finding Chicks Who Will Endorse Her Isn't Easy

Peggy Noonan. Two words I type and think: is there a smart way to say I like this woman? Kurt Andersen praises her "fair mindedness," Stephanopoulos her "tremendous insight," for which Brian Williams blogs that she deserves a Pulitzer — and probably a Peace Prize for getting none other than The Nation's William… »6/23/08 5:00pm