Escaping the Friendzone: The story of a former right-wing MRA

The worst date of my life happened in 2011. I met a lovely feminist woman on a dating site and we hit it off immediately. She was funny and charming. She was an aspiring comedian here in Portland and studying to be a teacher; I was a State of Oregon office drone. Conversation was easy; we were texting for a couple of… » 6/24/13 4:40pm 6/24/13 4:40pm

Hello, I Am A Digital Hoarder.

At the moment, I have 112,775 emails in the inbox of my work account, 91,488 of which are unread. There are 20,241 messages in the inbox of my personal email account — 6,316 of which are unread. My iPhone has 2,498 photos and 178 videos on it, with 48 never-listened-to voicemails. There's a folder on my desktop called… » 9/16/11 4:40pm 9/16/11 4:40pm

Ling, Lee Reveal They Were Captured In China, Not North Korea

Nearly a month after their release from North Korea, Laura Ling and Euna Lee are claiming that they were captured on Chinese soil after spending only "a minute" in North Korea. They also thank their supporters in a video. » 9/02/09 11:00am 9/02/09 11:00am