This Photo Perfectly Illustrates Silicon Valley's Gender Disparity

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is happening right now and while the event is bringing us some exciting news (iOS8 sounds like it is going to be amazing and useful and whatever I'll buy it because it is simple and shiny) it's also bringing some troubling pictorial evidence that the gender gap in silicon valley… »6/03/14 8:30pm6/03/14 8:30pm

Goldman Sachs Lures Women To Coding With Beauty Accessories

First, the good news: Goldman Sachs sponsored a conference with the express purpose of getting women interested in the typical sausagefest profession that is computer programming. Now, the bad news: they placated attendees of said conference with some kind of feather-rufflingly stereotypical swag: mirrors and nail… »2/11/14 9:30pm2/11/14 9:30pm

How Carrie Bradshaw Eradicated Pubic Lice All By Herself

Crafting press releases is difficult, thankless work that often relies on flimsy pop culture references or outrageous sensationalism to grab attention. In the case of a recent press release from the British Association of Dermatologists suggesting that Carrie Bradshaw’s adventures in pube grooming have all but made… »7/07/13 2:00pm7/07/13 2:00pm

Hillary Clinton Boldly Goes Before the Cameras With No Makeup On

Hillary Clinton has been especially busy this week, traveling to China and India and accomplishing all sorts of important tasks. While the media has been dutifully covering all of her travels, she's also gotten a bit of attention for something that has nothing to do with her actual job: Hillary had the nerve to show… »5/08/12 9:00pm5/08/12 9:00pm