Is South Carolina Just Gonna Fly That Confederate Flag Today or What?

South Carolina, a state that thoughtfully welcomes its 19 known hate groups by flying a Confederate flag over the statehouse, is facing a real quandary today. When a white man walks into a black church—a church that was targeted, surveilled and burned down 200 years ago in a period when black churches were prohibited » 6/18/15 11:50am 6/18/15 11:50am

Banning Confederate Flag Dress-Wearing Teen From Prom Was Totally Unfair, Y'all

A Tennessee girl named Texanna was barred from her high school prom when she showed up to the dance wearing a dress fashioned to look like the Confederate flag, and she can't for the life of her figure out why she was turned away at the door. Oh, Texanna. Our education system is failing. » 4/24/12 5:05pm 4/24/12 5:05pm