Mittens Might Ask Condoleezza Rice to the Vice Presidential Sock Hop

So, it might be a little weird to read this, but it's Friday, after all, and we can let things get a little crazy: Sarah Palin might have been right about something when she mused on Thursday that Mitt Romney wouldn't pick a wildcard like Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Well shucks, Sarah — why the golly heck not?… » 7/13/12 10:50am 7/13/12 10:50am

Condoleezza Rice Will Not Run for Vice President No Matter How Much We Beg and Plead

Mitt Romney and all of his rich Republican friends got together this past weekend in Utah to pal around and talk about the things rich people talk about. (Horses, horses, horses!) At this gathering, Condoleezza Rice gave a speech that very much impressed all of the big wigs, and immediately everyone was desperate for… » 6/26/12 9:00pm 6/26/12 9:00pm

Condi Rice Supports Romney Because Obama Doesn't Think America Is Awesome Enough

Today, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice predictably announced that she'll be supporting Mitt Romney in this fall's Presidential election. Her reasoning? Mitt Romney thinks America is the greatest, bestest, most explodiest star spangliest country ever, and Barack Obama doesn't. Looks like all that time spent… » 5/31/12 4:40pm 5/31/12 4:40pm

Crafty Republicans Want Mitt Romney to Pick Condi Rice as His Running Mate

All the Vice Presidential nominee speculation has caused presumed GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to nearly short circuit with information overload. Which potential running mate will complement him, fill out the ticket, and give voters something to be excited about? Marco Rubio? Rick Santorum? Some other,… » 4/19/12 11:40am 4/19/12 11:40am

10 Badass Moments in Girl Scout History

On March 12, 1912, eighteen girls from Savannah, Georgia gathered for what would be the first meeting of Girl Scouts. One hundred years later, the small organization founded by Juliette Low has included more than 50 million girls and women, sold hundreds of millions of boxes of cookies, and given us some incredibly… » 3/12/12 3:30pm 3/12/12 3:30pm

Condoleezza Rice Cruelly Refuses To Sing The Song Gaddafi Wrote About Her

When Condi Rice appeared on last night's Daily Show to talk about her new book, Jon Stewart went straight for the real story at hand: the time Condi met Gaddafi. The former Secretary Of State had been warned of the tyrant's "creepy obsession" with her but went he gave up his "weapons of mass destruction" in 2008,… » 11/02/11 10:10am 11/02/11 10:10am

Secrets From 'Black Flower' Robot-Saint Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has written a book. Unfortunately, much of that book tries to justify all that lying the Bush administration did to get us into Iraq. Fortunately, she spends some of the book indulging the public's desire to learn about how everyone in the Bush White House was behind closed… » 10/24/11 4:30pm 10/24/11 4:30pm

Condoleezza Rice Criticizes Cheney For "Cheap Shots," Insists She Never Cried

You guys better sit down for this: According to Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney is kind of an asshole! Of course, the former secretary of state is far too classy to say it outright, but she's obviously rather pissed at Cheney for implying in his new book that she cried while talking policy with him. Even powerful ladies… » 9/02/11 10:00am 9/02/11 10:00am

The Miss Representation Trailer May Break Your Heart

Miss Representation is a documentary from writer/director (and former first lady of San Francisco) Jennifer Siebel Newsom which "explores women's under-representation in positions of power and influence and challenges the limited and often disparaging portrayal of women in the media." Newsom tapped some famous faces… » 3/28/11 1:35pm 3/28/11 1:35pm