Your Five Favorite Conditioners

A conditioner is the last line of defense against spilt-ends, a dry scalp, and fading color. Whether you bow before the altar of the sulfate-free co-wash or remain faithful to your local drugstore aisle, it’s likely that the conditioner you use is specific to your own hair needs and nothing short of a miracle. On… »11/04/15 5:15pm11/04/15 5:15pm

What's Your Favorite Conditioner?

It’s no secret that the perfect conditioner is the holy grail of female accomplishment. When found, it will imbue you with the wanton power of a modern day fertility goddess—swishy, silky, glossy. Or so legend goes. Now, we want to know what conditioner (and process!) you swear by. Here are some ground rules: Mark in… »11/02/15 4:15pm11/02/15 4:15pm