Remember Concussion Director Peter Landesman's Sketchy, Unprovable Sex Trafficking Exposé?

Emails released in the Sony hack reveal that Concussion director and screenwriter Peter Landesman altered his upcoming film, which seeks to shed light on the deathly consequences faced by NFL players after getting hit in the head repeatedly, to prevent possible legal action by the NFL. Landesman, a former journalist… »9/03/15 9:31am9/03/15 9:31am


Watch Lady Gaga Get a Concussion and Keep Performing Like a Champ

Lady Gaga is a stone cold professional, which is why she kept performing for 16 songs after one of her clumsy dancers bonked her on the head with a pole midway through her Born This Way Ball show Sunday in Auckland. According to fan site, Gaga continued performing after telling her audience, "I want to… »6/10/12 3:30pm6/10/12 3:30pm