Hillary Clinton Fainted, Got a Concussion, Is Recovering At Home

As if this weekend wasn't already craptastic enough, the State Department has released a statement that Hillary Clinton passed out due to dehydration from a stomach bug and is currently recovering from a concussion at home. She'll continue to work remotely for the rest of the week, monitored by doctors. » 12/15/12 1:45pm 12/15/12 1:45pm

Watch Lady Gaga Get a Concussion and Keep Performing Like a Champ

Lady Gaga is a stone cold professional, which is why she kept performing for 16 songs after one of her clumsy dancers bonked her on the head with a pole midway through her Born This Way Ball show Sunday in Auckland. According to fan site Gagamedia.net, Gaga continued performing after telling her audience, "I want to… » 6/10/12 3:30pm 6/10/12 3:30pm