The Craziest Thing You've Done After a Breakup

The end of a romantic relationship can cause people to do some pretty nutty things that they probably wouldn’t do without broken heart or wounded ego. Breakup with someone and suddenly you start considering ayahuasca retreats in the rainforest, revenge, or—craziest of all—getting bangs. So what’s the most insane thing »5/01/15 9:00pm5/01/15 9:00pm

Steely Danned for The Very First Time: A Conversation

During our drive to Coachella, Kara and I were trying to create some sort of game plan for the weekend. Who were we most excited to see? Who could we skip? Even though I’d seen them just a few months ago, I insisted that we go to Steely Dan because they are so excellent. And that’s when I found out Judge Kara Brown… »4/12/15 1:45pm4/12/15 1:45pm

If You Want To Forget Something, Instagram The Hell Out Of It

Thanks to the ubiquity of digital photo capturing devices, nothing need go undocumented. Food? Instagram that shit. Baby? Vines or it didn't happen. Engagements? #NoFilter #OMG And tag your new fiancee or otherwise no one will know. But although the intention of photographing everything from the banal to the momentous… »12/10/13 1:20pm12/10/13 1:20pm

Barbra Streisand Sang in Brooklyn Last Night and People Lost Their Minds

Last night, Barbra Streisand did a show at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn — her hometown — and it was a sold-out show with 19,000 folks in the seats. As the New York Times reports, she exclaimed, "I've come home at last!" It was a big deal for the 70-year-old EGOT winner, as Entertainment Weekly's Jessica Shaw … »10/12/12 1:00pm10/12/12 1:00pm

How to Smuggle Alcohol (Or Other Contraband) Into an Outdoor Concert

Summer concert season is heating up like the armpit of the guy standing right behind you in the subway, and with outdoor summer concerts come big crowds, sweaty conditions, weird echoey soundsystems, and the nagging feeling that one day you'll be too old for this. Hardly circumstances you'd want to face sober, but who… »6/11/12 5:50pm6/11/12 5:50pm