Jenny Slate Singing 'Landslide' as Marcel the Shell Is Delightful 

This one doesn't need much wind-up from me: it's Jenny Slate singing a tiny snatch of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" in her Marcel the Shell voice. It's beautiful. It's an instant classic. Please consider this my official request for an album of Marcel the Shell covering the pop hits of yesterday and today. » 12/17/14 4:00pm Wednesday 4:00pm

Late Night TV Gets a Clue: The End of All-White Male Writers' Rooms

When NBC announced last May that their next late night host would be Seth Meyers, reaction ranged from Yay, I love him to Meh to Great, another white guy. While Meyers looks like most everyone who has hosted before him, the next generation of late night hosts are quietly ushering in diversity. We just don't see it… » 2/24/14 2:30pm 2/24/14 2:30pm

Conan O'Brien Has Some Hilarious Revisions for Taylor Swift's '22'

For most of us, 22 was less about sitting poolside at a mansion while making flower crowns with Jessica Szohr and more about working a shitty job, freaking out about debt and drowning your sorrows in cheap beer. That's not a dig on Taylor Swift's version of "22." She's just singing her reality and her reality happens… » 5/22/13 6:30pm 5/22/13 6:30pm

Sunday Sign-Off: Rebel Wilson's Childhood Was a Puppy-Filled Australian…

Since you're not a 13-year-old in 1993 (sorry for alienating you, teenagers of the past who may be reading this through a timescope), you're probably not going to watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight. That's okay — you can still appreciate Rebel Wilson's tales of growing up in a house full of beagles puppies (as well… » 4/14/13 6:30pm 4/14/13 6:30pm