Why the Hell Are There So Many High School Valedictorians?

Like cicadas, law school graduates working as bartenders, feral cats prowling the abandoned alleyways of Detroit, and people who say they’ve read Infinite Jest but have only really skimmed the first 50 pages, it would seem our society currently contains far too-many high school valedictorians. Depending on your level… » 6/02/13 2:30pm 6/02/13 2:30pm

American Women Greedily Win All the Gold Medals at the London Olympics

In case you haven't heard yet because you're one of those New York City tunnel dwellers or you're exclusively a Winter Olympics person, the U.S. women's teams at this summer's games have cleaned up, accounting for 56 percent of all Team USA's medals, and 66 percent of its golds. Their success is being touted as a big… » 8/12/12 3:30pm 8/12/12 3:30pm

Married Olympian Couples Are Competitively Adorable

Even though National Olympic Committees don't keep track of how many of the 10,000 athletes in London are married, according to the Wall Street Journal, there are at least six couples at this year's Olympics that are currently engaged in an unofficial "who's more in love" competition. Married Olympic couples would… » 8/01/12 11:10am 8/01/12 11:10am

The Secret to Success: Be a Gorgeous Giant

It's pretty obvious that being a tall, beautiful person is not usually a disadvantage when it comes to getting what you want—except when it comes to buying pants, of course. But what happens when everyone starts getting taller and more beautiful? Does it still pay to be a little more beautiful and a little taller than… » 6/06/12 1:10pm 6/06/12 1:10pm

You Can Look Forward to Playing a Workplace Version of the Hunger Games

Finding a job is hard enough these days. Then once you've got one, you've got to work your ass off while also dealing with office politics and annoying coworkers. Well, it's about to get even worse for some of you, because there's a growing trend among companies of encouraging their employees to compete in "fun"… » 5/03/12 1:15pm 5/03/12 1:15pm

Blame Facebook Photo Tagging for Your Weird Body Issues

A new survey examining the link between Facebook and body image has concluded what you probably already know — obsessively combing the pages of the social networking site can not only lead to an unhealthy fixation on how your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend seems painfully uncool, but also wreak havoc on your body… » 4/02/12 7:00pm 4/02/12 7:00pm

Watch Michelle Obama Wipe the White House Floor With Jimmy Fallon

As part of her effort to promote her Let's Move campaign, Michelle Obama invited Jimmy Fallon over for a little friendly physical competition. The First Lady sheds her friendly veneer right away and drops the hammer, but he puts up a very hilarious fight—and he gets bonus points for being brave enough to wear a… » 2/08/12 10:00am 2/08/12 10:00am

Are Your Friends Your Companions Or Your Competition?

A new episode of MTV's True Life aired this weekend called I'm Competitive With Friends. It focused on people who are stuck on the concept of winning anything — bets, video games, dance offs, who gets up the escalator first — to the detriment of their friendships. 19-year-old Shanessa admits that she has a problem… » 12/08/08 7:00pm 12/08/08 7:00pm

Women's Voices Are "Sexiest" When They're "In Heat"

Though Scarlett Johansson is known for her deep and torrid voice, a new study shows that women are most attractive to the opposite sex when they are ovulating — because their voices go up in pitch. Researchers Nathan Pipitone and Gordon Gallup recorded women counting from 1 to 10 at different points in their menstrual… » 5/01/08 9:30am 5/01/08 9:30am