Companies With More Female Board Directors Are More Sustainable, Too

A recent study found that corporations that include women on their boards massively outperform their boy's clubby competitors. Now, new research shows that companies that deign to let a few women sit down up top are more sustainable, too! » 11/19/12 6:30pm 11/19/12 6:30pm

Women Are Still Paid Crap, and What We Need to Do About It

It would be lovely if the delusional pundits who insist that the gender wage gap is a myth were correct. (We also wish that ocean levels weren't rising, people could easily teleport to work, and Hogwarts was real. We have a lot of dreams.) Sorry, blustery self-satisfied old dudes: women still aren't getting paid and… » 11/14/12 11:40am 11/14/12 11:40am