Hey, Let's Make Fun of All the Dumb Ladies Who Fall Down and Flash Their Underwear On the Subway!

The UK's Network Rail service just released a Candid Camera-type holiday PSA of women falling down and accidentally displaying their underwear at train stations. Apparently, only women need to take care this party season, since "running for a train with high heels, bags of shopping or attempting to carry heavy… »12/13/12 1:20pm12/13/12 1:20pm

Your Long Commute: The Newest Thing Probably Killing You

Are you at work right now? Oh nooo. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you had to drive more than 10 miles to get there this morning, then your body is probably really mad at you. You see, a new study has discovered something which many of us already intuitively understand: long commutes suck. And now we have… »5/09/12 10:25am5/09/12 10:25am

Commuting To Work More Stressful For Women Than Men

Unless you're able to get some reading done before you nod off on the train, there's really no up side to a long commute. Whether you're stuck in traffic or getting far to close to fellow commuters on a packed subway car, traveling to work can be tremendously draining. And while the daily trek isn't fun for men,… »8/23/11 10:03pm8/23/11 10:03pm