Community Will Return for a Sixth Season, Thanks to Yahoo

How much agony has your soul endured since NBC announced it was canceling Community? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the DVR accidentally deleting an episode of Cupcake Wars you promised to record for your mom and 10 being Benedict Cumberbatch announcing he is retiring from acting to run the campaign of an Arizona Tea… »7/01/14 9:40am7/01/14 9:40am

New Community Trailer Expertly Mocks Annoyingly Vague Mad Men Promos

As any good TV fan will tell you, the promos for AMC's brilliant drama Mad Men are famously annoying and inscrutable. Usually just a string shots of beautiful people frowning and saying things accusatory things like "You did what?," the trailers tend to mislead the viewer rather than excite them and it's damn… »12/24/13 5:00pm12/24/13 5:00pm

Dan Harmon Says He Doesn't Want to Be Known as a 'Rape Joke' Guy

On his podcast Sunday night, Community creator Dan Harmon used a rather, um, unpleasant rape analogy to describe the agonizing helplessness of watching his replacements pick up his brainchild and run with it. “It’s exciting," Harmon said. "There’s something awesome about being held down and watching your family get… »6/18/13 3:20pm6/18/13 3:20pm

Community, Season 5 is officially happening!

I'm sure most of you who care already know this. Therefore, in honor of both the best and the evillest timelines, I am having a Community gif party. You are welcome to come as long as you check your paintball guns at the door, give Leonard the wrong directions, and do not use the words "blanket," "pillow," or "fort." »5/12/13 11:00pm5/12/13 11:00pm

NBC Cancels The New Normal After One Measly Season

Part of Ryan Murphy’s television triumvirate has suffered a major blow with news that NBC will be cancelling The New Normal. That’s not really too shocking, given the fact that a) The New Normal’s Bryan Collins was kind of a meaner, more ill-tempered version of Kurt Hummel who grows up to realize that he’s not quite… »5/12/13 3:00pm5/12/13 3:00pm

Therapist Britta, Angry Annie, and Inspector Spacetime: Here's a New Batch of Community Promos

TROY AND ABED BACK FROM SUUUUUMMER. Finally. Community is returning Thursday, February 7th! Rather than focus on the sad stuff (that this is the beginning of the show's likely end), let's instead focus on the good things. NBC has just released a whole slew of previews that hint at all kinds of fun stuff to come —… »1/22/13 6:15pm1/22/13 6:15pm

NBC Boss 'Absolutely Hopeful' That Community Will Have a 5th Season, But Also Yeah, Right

Hey study group. Guess what? NBC boss Bob Greenblatt is "absolutely hopeful" that your favorite show Community will be back for a 5th season, which would be such a great and uplifting thing to hear if there was in fact a shred of realistic possibility that this could actually happen. I'm mean I'm sure Greenblatt is … »1/07/13 2:36pm1/07/13 2:36pm

Community Takes Another Blow, Loses Star Writer Megan Ganz

Good grief. Watching Community struggle into its (likely to be) final season has become downright painful. Not only are we to lose one of the best shows on TV, but its key players (both in front of and behind the camera) are already dropping like flies. First we lost Dan Harmon, then Chevy Chase and now — as if we can… »1/03/13 6:45pm1/03/13 6:45pm

Victoria's Secret Made These Supermodels Look Really Stupid in This Holiday Video

You could watch this video of Sexy Victoria's Secret Supermodels Doing A Bad Job Singing "Deck The Halls," because LOL Women R So Cute When They Act Stoopid. Or you could remember that hey, half of these women don't even speak English as a native language, and none of them are professional singers, and that casting… »12/12/12 4:10pm12/12/12 4:10pm