Sunday Sign Off: Lady Edith Is Going to Have a Great Decade

Lady Edith moves to 1920s Berlin, becomes a bon vivant artist, attending various orgies and drinking parties with Michael Gregson while working on a literary masterwork that starts out an innocuous chronicle of the Berlin social scene and transforms into a terrifying tale about the rise of fascism in Germany. Tell me… »1/12/14 6:30pm1/12/14 6:30pm

Saturday Night Social: Melissa McCarthy Gives Zero Fucks About Football

And yet, she will host Saturday Night Live on Feb. 1, less than 24 hours before Super Bowl XLVIII. Since the Super Bowl will be on CBS, SNL and the Super Bowl really don't have a whole lot to do with each other, but it's still nice to know that there are people out there willing to openly defy the evil NFL Empire by… »1/11/14 6:30pm1/11/14 6:30pm

Saturday Night Social: How Many Sex Toys Can $6K Get You?

According to a hilarious blind item on Radar yesterday, Jay Z and Beyoncé recently visited the New York sex shop Babeland so they could spend $6,000 on sex toys, which should make us all wonder: Did they buy a few really fancy sex toys, or did they buy a whole bunch of cheap sex toys to give away as ironic gifts? How… »12/28/13 6:30pm12/28/13 6:30pm

Anna Komnene's B-day Cake Is a Greek Fireball of Awesome

Today is the birthday of Anna Komnene (Comnena, for all you Latinized barbarians), the brilliant daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos of Byzantium, who set the unfortunate precedent of letting the Franks crash in Constantinople on their way to the Holy Land during the First Crusade. Born in 1083, Anna lived for a… »12/01/13 6:30pm12/01/13 6:30pm

Obits: WWII Code Breaker Mavis Batey Rocked the Hardest Word Jumble

This puzzle box that Elizabeth and Philip are fretting over is an enigma code breaking machine, and is probably pretty similar to a device used by the late Mavis Batey, one of Britain's only female code breakers during World War II. Batey died earlier this month at the age of 92, but her efforts at unscrambling the… »11/24/13 6:30pm11/24/13 6:30pm