Comic Book Legend Archie Will Be Killed Off This Summer

Archie Andrews, the namesake of the 73-year-old comic book franchise, will meet his demise in a forthcoming issue of Life With Archie. According to Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater, "This isn't a random one-off or 'what-if' story that we're doing as a gag… It's a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are being very… » 4/08/14 12:20pm 4/08/14 12:20pm

Despite Rumours, Marvel Has No Firm Plans for a Female Superhero Film

The upcoming films in Marvel's universe such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy both have diverse supporting casts, unlike past titles, which is a direction I hope it stays in. However in a recent press-junket for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Kevin Feige (Marvel's President of… » 3/18/14 9:00pm 3/18/14 9:00pm

​A First Glimpse at DC Comics' New Cree Superhero

Last year, DC Comics' Jeff Lemire announced he was developing a new superhero character for the Justice League United (formerly known as Justice League Canada) title —a Cree teenage girl inspired by Shannen Koostachin, the late Attawapiskat activist in Canada who was nominated for an International Children's Peace… » 3/04/14 2:50pm 3/04/14 2:50pm

It's High Time Marvel Releases A New Black Widow Poster

Marvel has recently released some new photos of the cast of their upcoming movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which includes posters of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans), Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier… » 2/26/14 9:55pm 2/26/14 9:55pm

This webcomic captures the day-to-day horrors of living with depression

Depression can be a difficult illness to understand if you've never experienced it, and depressive episodes can be incredibly isolating experiences. But the webcomic Depression Comix offers a peek into the depressed mind while helping a lot of depressed folks feel less alone. » 1/08/14 9:00pm 1/08/14 9:00pm

Here’s Your Daily Dose of Wild Wonder Woman Speculation

It's Sunday, the Earth is revolving around our faithful yellow star even as it bombards us with ultraviolet radiation, and somewhere in Hollywood a costume designer is drawing batnipples on rough sketches of Ben Affleck's naked torso — we are due for some more wild Batman vs. Superman speculation. More specifically, we … » 1/05/14 3:00pm 1/05/14 3:00pm

Neil Gaiman Explains How the Phrase ‘Strong Women’ Begets Lazy Writing

It shouldn't be any harder to write strong (as in, fully-wrought and believable) female characters than it is to write strong male characters because women, just like men, are people (not that not being a person has ever prevented a character from existing in the first place). Still, the very idea that a popular male… » 12/29/13 1:00pm 12/29/13 1:00pm

​Why do we hate so many female characters so much?

I seem to recall in 2013 there was a big deal about Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah coinciding. Well, since the post-apocalypse happened so soon after that, I guess that's why we kind of ended up merging Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas into a month-long celebration of gift-giving, drinking, and good… » 12/04/13 9:08pm 12/04/13 9:08pm

This Must-Read Comic Explores the Often Exclusionary Nature of Feminism

When we meet Charlie Lamonte, the protagonist of Melanie Gillman's webcomic As the Crow Flies, she's starting her week on a Christian girls' backpacking retreat. She's afraid that she might not fit in — and not just because all the other campers are white. But as she focuses on her outsider status and her burgeoning… » 10/12/13 4:30pm 10/12/13 4:30pm

Batwoman Can't Marry, Says DC Pub, Because Heroes Can't Be Happy

Less than three days since the controversy surrounding DC Comics’ refusal, we have a great non-explanation explanation from the DC brass about why the publisher refused to allow characters Kate Kane (Batwoman) and her partner, Gotham City police officer Maggie Sawyer, to marry each other. You ready? (I mean, it’s so… » 9/08/13 1:30pm 9/08/13 1:30pm

Marvel Really, Really Wants to Make a Female Superhero Movie...Someday

In a recent conversation with the movie site, Marvel Studios producer/sometime director Louis D’Esposito said some encouraging stuff about the future of female superheroes getting movies of their very own: Marvel would totally like that to happen because the studio has heard the cacophonous internet… » 9/06/13 11:10am 9/06/13 11:10am