Today's The 58th Anniversary Of Lucy Snatching Charlie Brown's Football

Lucy first held a football for Charlie Brown in a Peanuts comic that ran on November 16, 1952. In the strip, Charlie Brown screams, "Don't ever do that again!" but clearly Lucy wasn't listening. » 11/16/10 7:16pm 11/16/10 7:16pm

This Week, Cathy Joined Facebook, And I Think We Should All Finally Be…

It's easy to make fun of Cathy. She's a total mess, flipping out about everything from her diet to her mother to her swimsuit size. But this week, Cathy joined Facebook, and now I find myself on her side. ACK! » 8/08/09 3:32pm 8/08/09 3:32pm

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Luann?

This morning, a reader wrote in to tip us to today's Luann comic strip, which she felt was indicative of the strip's tendency to "sexualize its teenage characters to an ick-inducing level." But is Luann really all that bad? » 7/28/09 2:40pm 7/28/09 2:40pm