Do You Think Wonder Woman Listens To The Cramps?

If you've ever wondered what kind of music cartoon and comic characters listen to, this handy chart can be very illuminating. Pepe Le Pew likes Liz Phair! Image » 3/11/11 5:20pm 3/11/11 5:20pm

Kate Moss And Jamie Hince Enter 19th Tabloid Betrothal

Here Are Some Comics Women Actually Read

This isn't a post about how to get your girlfriend to care about your hobby. This is about the comics the women I know are actually reading, or have read. » 10/06/10 3:57pm 10/06/10 3:57pm

In Case You Missed It: Betty White's Clothing Is F*ing Awesome

In this video, the self-described "lovable old pain in the ass" talks how she had a hand in the clothes she inspired. The one-liners are endless, and Betty herself, tireless. » 9/21/10 4:38pm 9/21/10 4:38pm

The R-Patz Comic Book Sucks The Hottie Right Out Of Him

We got our hands on the Fame: Robert Pattinson comic from Bluewater Productions, which is not a fun, fan-fic-ish romp with the SparkleVamp, but a dark, dreary telling of his life story. Also? He looks terrible! » 6/18/10 3:00pm 6/18/10 3:00pm

Her Mom Was Her Roommate & They Both Survived

"Looking back, we actually did well in the circumstances; others tell me they wouldn't have lasted a week." — cartoonist Brigitte Sutherland, whose mother shared a London apartment — and a bed — with her for seven months. [Independent, SevenMonths] » 6/11/10 12:20pm 6/11/10 12:20pm

Erin Gibson's Having A Tough Time Being The Next Sarah Haskins

When Sarah Haskins left Current, we mourned the loss of "Target Women" and her chick-centric take on pop culture. Now Current presents Erin Gibson, who has a segment titled "Modern Lady." » 5/13/10 6:00pm 5/13/10 6:00pm

Comic Progress: Archie's Interracial Romance

Last year, Archie proposed to Veronica. But it's 2010, baby! We've got a black president! And Archie is now hooking up with Valerie, the black chick from Josie And The Pussycats. More mag covers at the link! [Archie Comics] » 4/07/10 6:30pm 4/07/10 6:30pm

Looking For Levity During A Long Show: Oscar LOLs

Last nigh'ts Oscars show was a wee bit predictable and a smidge dull, but we made LOLs out of lemons. Thanks to Scoldy Lox, smijca, twirlywhirly, Rodmanstreet, DonnaPirana and everyone who contributed. » 3/08/10 4:00pm 3/08/10 4:00pm

Hahas & Hoohoos

If juvenile humor involving sex or genitialia is your thing, you're gonna love this site. Particularly disturbing is the image titled "Let Frosty Check The Ol' Prostate." [Things That Are Doing It] » 1/29/10 2:30pm 1/29/10 2:30pm

"I Murdered A Screenwriter & Slept My Way To The Top": Getting Frank &…

When Sarah Haskins emailed to say that her Target Women career had come to an end, we were sad. But it also gave us a chance to talk to her - below, DILFs, baby bridesmaids and being yelled into greatness. » 1/25/10 4:00pm 1/25/10 4:00pm

More Powerful, Less Happy, With Disastrous Digestion: The Women Of 2009

If you want a mini-recap of what womanhood was all about in 2009 — and a lesson in being a "better lady" in 2010 — check out Sarah Haskins' new video, after the jump. » 12/18/09 5:00pm 12/18/09 5:00pm

Sarah Haskins Targets Scary Home Security Ads

We covered the shrill, fear-based badvertising commercials for home security systems in December 2008, in August 2009 and October 2009. Today, Sarah Haskins tackles the same damsel-in-distress ads. » 11/13/09 4:00pm 11/13/09 4:00pm

"When Even Sex Is Like A Song I've Heard Too Often…"

Kristin Wiig reads from the "early" poems of Suzanne Somers; hilarity ensues. Lesson learned: Don't waste your affection on dogs. [The Wow Report] » 11/06/09 9:40am 11/06/09 9:40am

"As The Internet & TV & Movies All Become One Scary Machine In Your…

"Advertising is so ridiculous because it's trying to still use some of the traditional gender roles, while also trying to match the changes in the past 40 to 50 years." — from an interview with Sarah Haskins. [NY Post] » 11/04/09 12:40pm 11/04/09 12:40pm

Sarah Haskins On Bizarre Beauty Contraptions & Why Marketers Don't Get…

In addition to the latest hilarious Target: Women, there's an interview with NPR, in which Sarah Haskins talks about mocking badvertising and crappy marketing toward women: » 10/16/09 2:40pm 10/16/09 2:40pm