Watch Amy Schumer Teach Clueless Men How to 'Fight Like a Girl'

Women fight with tears and emotion, as we all know, and men would do well to learn a thing or two about this intricate style of battle. In this instructional skit from Tuesday night’s edition of Inside Amy Schumer, the host trains dudes on how to deal with the “ancient art of Female Emotional Combat.” »6/03/15 12:40pm6/03/15 12:40pm

Inside Amy Schumer To Men: 'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Don't Rape'

Inside Amy Schumer began its third season with a brilliant Friday Night Lights parody that just happened to be about rape. In it, the new coach of a small town football team (Josh Charles) and his wine-loving wife (Schumer) become hated by their new neighbors because of Coach’s efforts to crack down on his football… »4/22/15 9:20am4/22/15 9:20am

Comedy Bro Bizarrely Bullies One-Armed Lady Comic

Comedian Ari Shaffir went after fellow comedian Damienne Merlina's physical appearance in a stand up special that aired recently on Comedy Central. Shaffir begins by calling Merlina "so annoying," and "the worst" then moving on to make nicer, more charming comments about her body like: "She has one arm. I only tell… »3/28/15 5:30pm3/28/15 5:30pm

Next Week's Too Real Broad City: Abbi & Ilana Go on an Internet Bender

You know that feeling, when you spend all day staring at a screen and forgetting to hydrate and your lips get chapped and your butt goes numb and then, finally, you slump out of the office, staring at your phone as you trip down the stairs in order to ensure that Twitter is fully refreshed for the 35 minutes you will… »2/12/15 4:20pm2/12/15 4:20pm

Here's What Larry Wilmore's 'Minority Report' Could Look Like

We now have an idea of what Comedy Central's highly anticipated Minority Report will be like., which fans of The Daily Show have witnessed on more than a few occassions. When comedian Larry Wilmore was picked to replace Stephen Colbert (who is stepping down from his gig hosting The Colbert Report to host The Late Show »6/02/14 11:38pm6/02/14 11:38pm