Podcast All-Star Lauren Lapkus On Jurassic World and Playing Brats

You might know comedian Lauren Lapkus from Orange Is the New Black, Comedy Bang Bang, or her various other TV appearances or you might not know Lauren Lapkus at all. If it’s the latter, well, hold onto your butts because Lapkus—with supporting roles in Jurassic World and the new TBS sitcom Clipped—is about to be… » 6/12/15 1:50pm 6/12/15 1:50pm

Lizzy Caplan Gives Men the 'Are Women Funny?' Treatment

It's hard to be a man in comedy. Imagine it! So many people accusing you of using your looks and sexuality to get ahead, so many think pieces written on how evolution has left you unable to make a good joke and so many people dismissing you outright, simply because "men aren't funny. They're just not." Well,… » 6/18/14 5:30pm 6/18/14 5:30pm

Amy Poehler Hilariously Raps About Paula Deen and Butter

It's terribly fashionable to hate on Mondays (yes, I know it's Tuesday — please bear with me), but not everything about it so terrible. Think about it — the start of the work week represents a new beginning, it's only 5 more days 'til Friday and a new episode of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast is released, making your… » 9/24/13 12:20pm 9/24/13 12:20pm

Has Amy Poehler Done Something with Her Hair?

Have you ever listened to Scott Aukerman's podcast Comedy Bang Bang? You should because it's the absolute best (unless of course, you hate things that are zany and playful, in which case, move right along) — it's so good in fact that it's been turned into a TV series by IFC. The show doesn't premiere until June 8th,… » 5/24/12 6:20pm 5/24/12 6:20pm

Jon Hamm and Reggie Watts Improvise a Song About Taxi, Everything Is Right in the World

I had a friend in high school that always used to say that Tuesdays were the worst days of the week. Monday is new and fresh, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is the day before Friday and Friday is — look, I don't need to explain how days work. The point is she was right. Tuesdays are just...there. What purpose do they… » 5/08/12 5:40pm 5/08/12 5:40pm