Here's How Your Toughest, Funniest Friend Might Find Herself in an Abusive Relationship

After comedian Beth Stelling came forward on her Instagram in late December with photos of bruises and stories of alleged rape and abuse by another comedian, a man named Cale Hartmann, the response from the comedy community has been solid: women especially have made statements of unequivocal support for Stelling, and…

Watch Tina Fey Play a Hapless War Reporter in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Trailer

Comedies about naive Americans in the Middle East have been frequently attempted, but infrequently successful—it is all too easy to resort to stereotypes, to offensively make light of victims of real tragedy. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot could be the first to succeed where other studio films have flopped.


Amy Schumer's Nice HBO Special Rescued by Wacko Dickplay & the 'Abraham Lincoln'

Amy Schumer’s set for her inaugural HBO special buttressed my confidence in a number of my recent decisions. First, any prickles of guilt attached to last night’s spicy beer nuts and prosecco alchemized into third-wave feminist defiance. She also confirmed my suspicion that moving to Los Angeles would mean certain…

Rashida Jones' New Show Angie Tribeca Is True Detective with a Sense of Humor

A gravel-voiced female troubadour warbles nonsense words as detectives exchange intense glances, a SWAT team ambushes a crime scene, and a dog—nothing out of the ordinary here—drives a car. No, these aren’t scenes from season three of True Detective. It’s the trailer for the new cop comedy Angie Tribeca, starring…