Samantha Bee Poetically Bludgeons the 'Party of Lincoln,' Who 'Died Peacefully of Natural Causes'

On the latest episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, our host took a beautiful rhetorical dump on the Republican Party, whose comrades in the Senate recently rejected four extremely sane measures restricting gun sales one week after 49 people were murdered in an Orlando gay club.


Talking Popstar, Zayn Malik and FMKing the Election with the Delightful Bros of The Lonely Island

I feel embarrassed to have loved Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping as much as I did. It was brilliant, stupid and incisive—exactly the kind of thing we like here, in other words—and when I finally met the trio at a press junket, I was unexpectedly nervous, and my tongue felt both too big and too dry. The only thing…

Amy Schumer on Trainwreck Shooting: 'I Was Just Like, I Wish I Never Wrote That Movie'

The new Vanity Fair profile on Amy Schumer, written by Bruce Handy, is fairly unremarkable (unless, like me, you’re shocked that a national publication would use the word “comedienne” and feign shock over a female comic working blue in 2016)—that is, until Schumer opens up about the tragic movie theater shooting that…


Here's How Your Toughest, Funniest Friend Might Find Herself in an Abusive Relationship

After comedian Beth Stelling came forward on her Instagram in late December with photos of bruises and stories of alleged rape and abuse by another comedian, a man named Cale Hartmann, the response from the comedy community has been solid: women especially have made statements of unequivocal support for Stelling, and…