NBC Is Making The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Into a Comedy Series

We’re swiftly heading towards the end of 2015, which means much of the hard work we did earlier this year organizing our clothes via Konmari method have since gone to shit. Many of us have returned to our hoarding ways and our once immaculately-folded socks have reversed back to a state of being brutally balled-up.
»11/01/15 6:45pm11/01/15 6:45pm


Amy Schumer's Nice HBO Special Rescued by Wacko Dickplay & the 'Abraham Lincoln'

Amy Schumer’s set for her inaugural HBO special buttressed my confidence in a number of my recent decisions. First, any prickles of guilt attached to last night’s spicy beer nuts and prosecco alchemized into third-wave feminist defiance. She also confirmed my suspicion that moving to Los Angeles would mean certain… »10/19/15 10:20am10/19/15 10:20am

Rashida Jones' New Show Angie Tribeca Is True Detective with a Sense of Humor

A gravel-voiced female troubadour warbles nonsense words as detectives exchange intense glances, a SWAT team ambushes a crime scene, and a dog—nothing out of the ordinary here—drives a car. No, these aren’t scenes from season three of True Detective. It’s the trailer for the new cop comedy Angie Tribeca, starring… »10/12/15 1:35pm10/12/15 1:35pm

Women Are 'More Powerful' in Comedy, Argues Male Comedian Trevor Noah

Perhaps you stumbled across a new and conspicuous Vanity Fair spread today. You know, the one featuring a photograph of all of the current late-night television hosts. You might even have noticed a striking similarity uniting said hosts. If you look closely, you’ll see that—I know this is a surprise—they’re ALL male!… »9/14/15 9:15pm9/14/15 9:15pm

Barely Famous' Erin and Sara Foster Are Terrible Hostesses 

Erin and Sara Foster, well-connected siblings and stars of VH1’s surprisingly great Barely Famous, gave Vanity Fair an irritable tour of Erin’s Beverly Hills townhouse (“It’s an apartment,” Sara corrects Erin. “I just don’t want to look like a liar when you guys come in and see that it’s clearly not a townhouse”). »8/31/15 7:00pm8/31/15 7:00pm

Tig Notaro Bares All In HBO Special Boyish Girl Interrupted

Tig Notaro has had a tumultuous few years. In a period of just four months in 2012, she was diagnosed with an intestinal disease and breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, dealt with her mother’s death and ended a relationship. Just three years later, she is killing it: she is the star of two separate documentaries… »8/20/15 3:40pm8/20/15 3:40pm

Take a Moment of Your Day to Appreciate the Brilliance of Kate Berlant

Last night, comedian and artiste Kate Berlant performed on the Comedy Central show The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail. Her standup set—like all of her standup sets—served as an excellent reminder that we are living in a great time for creative, weird, intelligent, and subversive comedy. »8/12/15 5:45pm8/12/15 5:45pm

Watch Key & Peele Bring 'Black on Black Violence' to College A Capella

As many current Jezebel staffers can attest, those brave enough to enter the dark world of college a capella find themselves constantly mired in a brutal web of emotional warfare, bad Katy Perry covers, and often, overwhelming racial homogeny—the latter of which, according to this brilliant sketch from a recent… »7/24/15 4:15pm7/24/15 4:15pm

The Collected Quotes of Donald Trump on "the Blacks"

Donald Trump wants to be the next president of the United States. As with matters of such magnitude, it is important to understand where a candidate stands on critical issues, such as immigration, healthcare, domestic surveillance, marriage equality, abortion, and black people, who account for 13 percent of America’s… »7/24/15 3:50pm7/24/15 3:50pm