The Sickest Burn You've Ever Heard (or Delivered)

It’s common occurrence: You get into a verbal altercation with someone, mumble something dumb and then later that day come up with the perfect, now useless comeback. Far fewer are the moments when that witty retort arrives at perfect moment and lets you verbally obliterate your opponent with a single turn of phrase.… »4/17/15 8:00pm4/17/15 8:00pm


World Premiere Of Britney's New Video "Circus"

Are you guys ready for Britney's "comeback?" This is, I believe, her third one. The first one was 2 years ago when she first dumped Kevin Federline, got a makeover, and everyone thought everything was gonna get so much better after ditching her loser husband. A few months later, she ran around in public in a thong,… »12/04/08 8:00pm12/04/08 8:00pm