Do the Arts Option: Lessons from Columbia's Sexual Respect Requirement

Today is the deadline for Columbia University students to complete their Sexual Respect requirement! The requirement comes in the wake of protests and scrutiny related to the administration's mishandling of Emma Sulkowicz rape accusations against another student. » 3/13/15 6:10pm 3/13/15 6:10pm

Anti-Rape Activists Crash Columbia University Admissions Session

The activist group No Red Tape crashed an information session Tuesday for prospective Columbia University students and their parents, part of an effort to draw attention to the flaws they see in how the school handles sexual assault. » 2/10/15 5:30pm 2/10/15 5:30pm

Columbia Rape Protesters Pay Fine With Giant Check Written On Mattress

Student anti-rape activists at Columbia University issued an extra-long Fuck You to the school's administration today by dumping a mock-check written on a mattress in the University President's office. The delivery featured the same kind of mattress the students were fined for damaging when they used them to protest… » 12/15/14 4:20pm 12/15/14 4:20pm

Columbia Students Drag Mattresses Onto Campus to Support Rape Survivor

Columbia University senior Emma Sulkowicz is carrying her mattress to class every day until her rapist leaves school. In an incredibly poignant act of solidarity, other Columbia students have begun walking with her, helping her carry the load. And today, they dragged several mattresses of their own in front of the… » 9/12/14 5:40pm 9/12/14 5:40pm

Columbia Unveils New Sexual Assault Policy, Students Are Not Impressed

After provoking student ire by fighting campus rape by, uh, canceling a concert, the Columbia administration has finally come out with a revised and updated sexual assault and harassment policy. It's a marked improvement from the previous policy — I mean, it would be hard to get much worse — but on-campus activists… » 8/15/14 1:20pm 8/15/14 1:20pm

Canceling a Concert Won't Solve Columbia's Rape Problem

Like so many colleges and universities in America, Columbia has an egregious sexual assault problem. Fortunately, the administration has come up with a totally sufficient and effective means of eradicating sexual violence on campus once and for all: they're canceling a semi-annual concert over "safety concerns… » 8/12/14 12:50pm 8/12/14 12:50pm

Columbia Graduates Wear Red Tape In Solidarity With Rape Survivors

Colleges and universities have a reputation for sweeping sexual assault under the rug because they want to avoid negative publicity. That tactic has been biting Columbia University in the ass over recent months, as their administration's responsibility dodge has led to a barrage of bad press. And now, a smattering of… » 5/21/14 6:30pm 5/21/14 6:30pm

Why Reporting to Police Isn't the Solution to the College Rape Problem

A fairly common refrain when discussing the utter, devastating ineptitude of colleges in handling sexual assault cases is, "Why do we even trust colleges to handle this?" Often, people will wonder why victims don't just report to the police. The short answer to this is as wholly depressing as you'd expect: simply put,… » 5/20/14 2:40pm 5/20/14 2:40pm

23 Students File Complaint Against Columbia for Mishandling Rape

After several truly infuriating accounts of the Columbia administration mishandling and neglecting sexual assault reports became public, the University pledged to clean up its act. But, as is so often and so alarmingly the case, this seems to have just been a PR smokescreen: the administration's first concern was… » 4/24/14 4:30pm 4/24/14 4:30pm

Columbia's President Calls for Increased Sexual Assault Transparency

Following a wildly infuriating and very damning report on Columbia University's severe mishandling of three rapes on campus, the school's president has announced new policies intended to make its sexual assault procedures more transparent. » 1/30/14 6:40pm 1/30/14 6:40pm

Sex Strikes Do Work, If You Want to Get a Road Fixed

In the small town of Barbacoas, Colombia, women stopped having sex with their men because they wanted a road fixed. An important road, one that connects them to the rest of Colombia. They called it the "crossed legs movement" and it worked! » 10/23/13 2:20pm 10/23/13 2:20pm

Frat Bro Offers Charming Supply-and-Demand Explanation of Campus Dating…

Columbia University's The Eye convinced Delta Sigma Phi brother Phil Ross to take an hour off "from preparing for investment banking interviews" to discuss the "romantic framework of the 'fraternity man.'" Oh no. His response? It's all about supply and demand, bro. » 2/07/13 3:50pm 2/07/13 3:50pm

Columbia University's Finals Night Tradition Isn't So Female-Friendly

Tonight is "Orgo Night" at Columbia University, a storied school tradition that takes place every semester during finals when the marching band performs stand-up comedy in the library in an attempt to entertain (and offend) everyone. Some Barnard students say Orgo Night is too sexist to be funny — and that this year,… » 12/13/12 4:40pm 12/13/12 4:40pm

Columbia University Impostor Arrested After Two Weeks of Being Creepy…

For college freshmen, the first few weeks of school are all about not making (and subsequently being stuck with during first-time-getting-wasted experiences) boring friends, learning which classes to complete assignments for and which classes to blow off, and, especially if you happen to be a freshman at Columbia this… » 9/10/12 9:15pm 9/10/12 9:15pm

Return of the Bros Riles Columbia Students

After a nearly 51-year hiatus, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a fraternity whose Dartmouth chapter garnered a lot of negative press after former brother Andrew Lohse revealed all the butt beer and vomletes its pledges were forced to consume, is returning to Columbia University, where students are organizing a friendly… » 5/13/12 12:00pm 5/13/12 12:00pm

Spirit Airlines Pulls Horribly Offensive Colombian Hookers Parody Ad

You'd think after Spirit Airlines' past year — snagging a spot in Consumerist's ‘Worst Company in America' bracket, receiving widespread criticism for majorly failing to respond to an alleged sexual assault complaint, etc — the company might have wanted to, shall we say, "fly" under the radar for awhile. Apparently… » 4/23/12 7:30pm 4/23/12 7:30pm

Barnard, Columbia at War Over Obama, Feminazis, and Cum Dumpsters

It's understandable that Columbia students are upset that President Obama will deliver a commencement speech at their sister college, Barnard, especially since the Ivy League university is his alma mater. But the degree of their ire — as evidenced via hundreds of comments on Bwog, Columbia's student-run blog — has… » 3/06/12 3:30pm 3/06/12 3:30pm

It's Time to Stop Sneaking Vegetables Into Your Children's Desserts

You've probably heard of this whole cooking genre that's sprung up around parents sneaking vegetables into otherwise delicious sounding things like cakes and cookies. Well, a new study has looked into how accepting of these sneakily nutritious snacks kids were, and it's beginning to seem like going to the trouble of… » 3/02/12 4:00pm 3/02/12 4:00pm

New Reports Aim To Reveal Hidden Truths About Rape

In the news today: A study of Swaziland women finds people don't know most rapes aren't committed by strangers. Another piece says rape is a war crime being committed in Colombia, and often not reported. » 5/12/09 9:30am 5/12/09 9:30am

Every weekend for the past decade, Luis Soriano has strapped pouches painted with the word "Biblioburro" to two donkeys and loaded them with books for villagers near his home in Colombia. Soriano, a 36 year old schoolteacher, got the idea after watching the effect reading had on his pupils. Now 300 people regularly… » 10/20/08 10:40am 10/20/08 10:40am