Orange Is The Hot Color For 2012, Adjust Accordingly

Surely you stocked up on pinkish wares when the color "honeysuckle" was declared Pantone's Color of the Year 2011, but it's already time to update your wardrobe/home decor/personal color preferences. The company dubbed "tangerine tango" next year's "in" color after seeing requests for an orange hue from designers and… »12/11/11 7:58pm12/11/11 7:58pm


New York Times Thinks Iraq's Makeover Looks Totally Tacky

After years of having drab colors and building regulations foisted on them by Saddam Hussein's government, the Iraqi people are now free to decorate as they see fit. The New York Times reports that this has given rise to some really unusual color choices for buildings. In other words, it's the ugliest effing country… »5/17/11 4:10pm5/17/11 4:10pm