Allison Williams Engaged to the Guy Who Founded CollegeHumor

It's weird to read this story because I basically 100% think of Allison Williams AS MARNIE, and it's pretty much impossible to imagine Marnie marrying a human man (as opposed to a stalk of pussywillows with a trilby on it). But congratulations to Allison Williams and her fiance, College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen! »2/26/14 8:00pm2/26/14 8:00pm

A Threesome Involving a Talking Paper Monster Would Be Waaay Too Paper-Cutty (NSFW)

If you're one of the people who manages to see any of the Oscar-nominated short films before the Academy Awards, you were probably charmed by Paperman, Disney's delightful little 3D-2D hybrid about the prolonged, agonizing death of the newspaper industry, and the lovers who find each other in the indsutry's twilight… »3/19/13 12:10pm3/19/13 12:10pm

eBromance Would Take the Guesswork Out of Dude Friendship

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bro just wants another bro to hang out with. To eat gourmet cheese together under a canopy bed, and talk about everything—or nothing!—and be comfortable with each other, and themselves, and their bodies, and the world. To this end, College Humor hit the nail on the head… »2/22/13 10:25am2/22/13 10:25am

Your Relationship With Instagram Hilariously Captured in Song

College Humor really got us good with this one! I've done pretty much every single one of those things, right down to chasing a duck. Not only does it encapsulate the app that's turned us all into amateur photographers from the 70s, it does it to the tune of that god-awful Nickelback song. It works, and I love it! »12/04/12 10:15pm12/04/12 10:15pm

Dora the Explorer Gets a Badass Makeover With the Help of Modern Family's Ariel Winter

Most of us know Dora the Explorer as the bilingual Nick Jr. children's cartoon that's slowly infecting our nation's youth with bleeding heart liberalism and tolerance, but did you know that Dora is also a badass action hero with a hot, shirtless (and, in this case, grownup) sidekick named Diego? Well, she is — Dora… »6/29/12 10:50am6/29/12 10:50am