Solidarity With Mizzou's Black Students Prompts 'Equality Bullshit,' 'Blafricoons' Yik Yaks at IU

A good rule of thumb for processing this unexpected, long-time-coming season of college students protesting the white bias built into the mainstream American university system: anyone who takes anti-racism protestors as more troubling than the racism they’re protesting probably has quite a bit of personal investment… »11/13/15 10:50am11/13/15 10:50am

University of Missouri Chancellor Second Official To Step Down

After massive outcry following the University of Missouri’s failure to respond to several racist incidents on campus, the university’s chancellor R. Bowen Loftin has announced he will transition out of the position. This comes just hours after the school’s president, Tim Wolfe, announced his resignation. »11/09/15 5:58pm11/09/15 5:58pm

Northwestern Philosophy Professor Resigns After Sexual Harassment Investigation 

Peter Ludlow, the Northwestern University philosophy professor accused by two students of sexual harassment and assault, has resigned in the middle of his termination proceedings. Ludlow had been the center of two contentious Title IX investigations. The allegations filed by two students—one undergraduate and one… »11/04/15 9:45am11/04/15 9:45am

Bill Cosby Still Retains Over 40 Honorary Degrees

Recently a bevy of universities have announced their decisions to revoke the honorary degrees they once bestowed on Bill Cosby. Fordham, Spelman, and Brown are just three of the institutions that have ended their association with the comedian, implying their condemnation of rape and sexual assault. But Cosby still… »10/27/15 3:35pm10/27/15 3:35pm

Brown U. Students to Party Girl Malia Obama: Sorry for Narcing You Out, Please Come Here Anyway

The Brown University student newspaper, the Daily Herald, is very sorry that Brown students shared photos of 17-year-old Malia Obama in the general vicinity of a pyramid of red Solo cups that may or may not have been used for beer pong (which the First Daughter may or may not have been playing). »10/24/15 11:30am10/24/15 11:30am

Why Smutty Frat Banners Are a Blessing to Women

Earlier this year, during move-in week, that tender time of year when parents lug trunks and Target curtains into the new college campus residence of their children before starting the tearful drive home, Jezebel readers—and, indeed, the Internet At Large—were introduced to a frat tradition of unfurling welcome… »10/22/15 12:30pm10/22/15 12:30pm

Indiana University Frat Suspended After Video of Possible Sexual Assault Hazing Surfaces

The Alpha Tau Omega chapter at Indiana University is suspended tonight, after a video depicting what looks like a horrific hazing ceremony surfaced on Twitter. In it, a student appears to be forced to perform oral sex on a woman—it’s unclear if either is consenting.
»10/08/15 8:45am10/08/15 8:45am