Patrick Dempsey Is Going to Be in Bridget Jones 3

After McDreamy got the boot from Shondaland, Patrick Dempsey’s soul has been set free to gallivant around, wherever it may go. First up: the set of Bridget Jones’s Baby, the third film in the Bridget Jones franchise. Dempsey is set to join Renée Zellweger, who will reprise her role as Bridget Jones, and Colin Firth,… »9/09/15 10:30pm9/09/15 10:30pm

Mia Wasikowska Might Play Johanna Mason In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

22-year-old Australian actress Mia Wasikowska is one of the two actresses being considered to play acerbic District 7 tribute Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games trilogy, a character who appears in both Catching Fire and Mockingjay and is more or less side by side with Finnick Odair as the most important bit of upcoming… »6/23/12 11:30am6/23/12 11:30am

Meryl Streep Loses Shoe, Gets Totally Cinderella'd by Colin Firth

While walking to accept her Leading Actress BAFTA for her role as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep encountered a small wardrobe malfunction when she lost a shoe on the steps leading up to the stage. Luckily, Colin Firth was there to save the day and further embed himself in our minds as the perfect… »2/13/12 5:10pm2/13/12 5:10pm

Famously Single Jennifer Aniston Seems To Be Getting Laid

Since a single woman's love life is everybody's business, we have been informed that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were each other's dates at the afterparty for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, where she was seen adjusting his tie. He kissed her and rubbed her cheek. Then she leaned into him and he rubbed her… »6/07/11 9:00am6/07/11 9:00am

Charlie Sheen Completes Human-To-Meme Transformation In Record Time

SNL opened with a skit of the man acting unhinged. Charlie Sheen broadcast himself acting unhinged. Everyone's Tweeting jokes about WINNING and tiger blood and being on a drug called Charlie Sheen. The actor separates from and then reunites with a woman he refers to as one of "the goddesses" within like five seconds.… »3/06/11 10:30am3/06/11 10:30am