Moms of the World, Despair!!! Coldwater Creek Is Going Out of Business

You guys. If ever there were a time to stock up on boxy boucle one-button cardigans and a shoe that's kind of a clog but kind of a sneaker with an appliqued daisy on the toe-box, THAT TIME IS NOW. Because Coldwater Creek, the indefatigable catalog staple of moms everywhere, is officially going out of business. »4/11/14 5:45pm4/11/14 5:45pm


Agyness Deyn's Mother Reveals The Reason Her Daughter Is So Fat

  • Agyness Deyn's mom Lorraine Collins is as amazed as we are that someone as FAT as Agyness could ever make it in fashion: "She has wonderful curves and a bit of meat on her. When she's home, she eats everything." [Mirror]
  • Poor chivalrous BF-of-Marc-Jacobs Jason Preston! When he tried to stand up for a girl who got a…
  • »3/12/08 11:30am3/12/08 11:30am

Christmas Couture: Cats Are Cool, Mistletoe Is "So Last Year"

As a Jew, Christmas sweaters have long intrigued me. After all, it can't just be holiday cheer and love for Jesus that inspires grown women to wear sweaters emblazoned with sequins, the occasional jingle bell, and a tableau of knit animals acting out the Nativity, right? So it was with particular interest that I read … »12/20/07 4:20pm12/20/07 4:20pm