Beyoncé Confirms What EPT Already Knows: She's Pregnant

As you may be aware, Beyonce is pregnant with the seed of Jay-Z. After clutching her bump and coyly smiling on the red carpet — silently signaling to the world that she was either pregnant or bloated from hookworm — Beyoncé hit the stage at the VMAs and, before performing "Love on Top," said to the audience, "I want… »8/29/11 9:20am8/29/11 9:20am


Which Is Worse: Being A Child Star Or Being The Sibling Of A Child Star?

Sometimes, when watching Living Lohan, I want to cut Dina Lohan some slack, and think of her as the normal, suburban Long Island mom that she insists she is. However after hearing both Cody and Michael Jr. talk about the sacrifices they have to make (being pulled from school and leaving their friends for months at a… »6/23/08 7:00pm6/23/08 7:00pm