Internet Solves Grandma's Secret Code 18 Years After Her Death

Earlier this week, Janna Holm posted images of a coded note card that her grandmother had created just before her death 18 years ago. Holm was certain that her grandmother, who died of cancer, was using these cards to communicate in some kind of secret code, but neither she nor her siblings could figure it out. When… »1/25/14 1:00pm1/25/14 1:00pm


Santorum & Romney Choose Totally Penis-y Secret Service Names

Republican Presidential hopefuls Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have reached a critical point in the election season. A do or die moment. They've both made an intractable decision that will impact their legacies forever: they've picked their Secret Service code names. And both of them are delightfully, obliviously… »3/20/12 4:00pm3/20/12 4:00pm