Ugh, Fuck This: Lessons of the RNC

I'm sure Tampa, Florida is a lovely city when it isn't flooded with thousands of people in business casual sweating their asses off as they schlep around in 90 degree heat. It must be a pleasant place to be sometimes, when the whole city proper isn't overrun with every cop in Florida outfitted in Ranger Rick khakis… » 8/31/12 11:30am 8/31/12 11:30am

Women War Protestors Appreciate A Pretty Mugshot

We here are Jezebel are all for civil disobedience. Question Authority! Fight The Power! Napalm In the Morning! Yeah, anyway, we finally got around to reading a pretty fascinating article in the Washington Post from Sunday about the women behind Code Pink, a group of women who have set up shop in the nation's capital… » 6/13/07 1:59pm 6/13/07 1:59pm