Paris Hilton Says Weiner Pics Are Sad, Pathetic, And "Not Huge"

To try and wrap his head around Paris Hilton's overuse of the words "hot" and "huge," Jimmy Kimmel showed the celebutante a selection of Anthony Weiner's lewd photos to gauge her reactions. Unfortunately for the congressman, his pics were deemed neither hot nor huge. Then again, she was only looking at a picture of his… » 6/08/11 4:40pm 6/08/11 4:40pm

Young Woman Caught In Weiner Scandal Handling It Pretty Damn Well

By all evidence, twenty-one year-old Gennette Cordova has committed the following crimes: Following Congressman Anthony Weiner on Twitter, and being young, female, and pretty. Stone her! But while Twitter made her an instant news target, she's also using it admirably to fight back. » 6/03/11 3:50pm 6/03/11 3:50pm