Predicting the Worst Prince Covers at Coachella This Weekend

Today is the worst day. Prince should still be alive. We are all grieving. But certain to compound our sorrow is the inevitable flood of musicians who will definitely be doing Prince covers this weekend at the second go-round of Coachella, in what the more cynical among us might view as an outward pissing contest of…

The Most Coachella Person at Coachella Was That One Dude in Joe Jonas's Band DNCE

As many of us spend today flipping through the endless Coachella style diaries of eager and well-meaning fashion websites, I am yet again paralyzed by the fatigue of what we as a society have deemed “Coachella style,” a manner of dressing that can hardly be called style at all, but more specifically a “uniform” or a…

Watch Taylor Swift, Lorde and Haim Lose Their Minds to Rihanna Performing at Coachella

Taylor Swift will never forget this moment—the time Rihanna joined Swift’s boyfriend Calvin Harris onstage at Coachella for “We Found Love,” and Swift was catapulted into total exultation with her friends Haim and Lorde and Camilla Cabello (Fifth Harmony!) and Serayah and maybe some other people from her ‘Chella squad


Florence Welch Sings 'Love Hurts' With Father John Misty, Broken Foot 

During the first weekend of Coachella, Florence Welch dove off the stage during her performance, fulfilling the dream of every live performer. She also broke the hell out of her foot. She returned for a shortened second-weekend set and made up for the time by bringing Father John Misty to accompany her in a…