In-Flight Wealth Disparity Is Hastening America’s Cultural Revolution

These bourgeois pigs in business class must be purged from our skies. Why let them board an airplane early, free from the desperate urge to jostle for a space in the overhead bin for their sensible leather carry-on just so they can sip mimosas and sneer at the poor, corn syrup-coated plebes seated in zones 2 through… »8/17/13 5:00pm8/17/13 5:00pm

Coach Made a Lil' Tiny Leather Coach Bag for Barbie, and It's Only $95

Okay, everyone: put down that stack of bills equivalent in value to $95 (plus shipping and handling) that you were about to burn, because I have something more fun for you do with it! Mattell has created a genuine leather Coach bag and outfit for your Barbie! Walk, don't run, to your nearest Useless Shit Commissary… »8/08/13 4:00pm8/08/13 4:00pm

Diverse Vaginas and the Joy of Submission: We Read the Gross Book Written by a High School Girls Basketball Coach So You Don't Have To

A former girls varsity basketball coach and guidance counselor has been put on paid administrative leave for writing a book called It's Her Fault, which is basically a less cohesive version of The Game, ostensibly for women but filled with ramblings on the vaginas of the world and how to prey on women with low… »9/04/12 3:40pm9/04/12 3:40pm

Why Not Let the World's Wisest 8-Year-Old Solve Your Problems For You?

Most of us made money selling lemonade when we were young, but not little Eve Hobsbawm. She's eight years old, and she's already a life coach in the making. She has her own website, called, which describes itself as, "A problem-solving consultancy founded by Miss Evie Mouse." Most adorably useful… »2/27/12 9:30am2/27/12 9:30am