Do Us All a Favor: Make Baby Showers (and More Stuff) Co-Ed

Why are baby showers such utter hell? Is it the preciousness? Is it the ooh-ing? Is it the painstaking unwrapping of every single gift, including a rectal thermometer? What exactly is it that makes it such utter torture, and how can something that only lasts an hour be so awful? More importantly, why the hell haven't… » 11/19/13 11:30am 11/19/13 11:30am

Trustees of All-Male College Want to Keep Tradition of No Girls Allowed

For 95 years, Deep Springs College, perhaps the most exclusive institute of higher education in the country — only around 26 undergraduates attend the two-year school, and most go on to Ivy League universities afterwards — has only accepted men into its rigorous program which includes not only a liberal arts… » 5/10/12 11:00am 5/10/12 11:00am

Yale University Discovers Firsthand the Awful Results of Gender…

When Yale University introduced gender neutral housing for seniors, it was an experiment to see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real, and also a test to see whether male/female cohabitation might work for the general student population. And after a trial period allowing upperclassmen to… » 1/10/12 2:30pm 1/10/12 2:30pm

Court Allows Single-Sex Dorms To Continue The Fight Against Female…

A complaint that alleges that Catholic University's reversion back to single sex dorms constitutes discrimination has been dismissed by a DC human rights council. Over protests of the student body and some faculty members, university residences will now begin splitting up men and women, which means that the window for… » 12/01/11 12:10pm 12/01/11 12:10pm

Magazine Of Yesteryear Speaks To Career Girls & Homemakers Of Tomorrow

Check out these issues from 1959. Still, everyone on the cover of Co-ed looks really happy, and since it was published by Scholastic, there must have been some informative stuff inside. Like this cartoon, for instance:
» 11/07/11 3:20pm 11/07/11 3:20pm

Women's College To Go Coed, Keep Offering Single-Sex Courses

Currently all-female Peace College has decided to admit men, but they're going about it in an unusual way — they'll be keeping some classes gender-segregated, ostensibly to accommodate male and female "learning styles." » 7/25/11 6:40pm 7/25/11 6:40pm

Animal House

Researchers from Brigham Young University are worried about a new study that suggests students in coed dorms are more likely to binge drink, have multiple partners, and watch porn than those in same-sex housing. Sounds [LiveScience] » 11/17/09 10:40am 11/17/09 10:40am