Republican Presidential Candidates Are a Bunch of Whiners

Can something be both a seven-story dumpster fire and more dull than watching a football field’s worth of paint dry one centimeter at a time? With their GOP debate last night, CNBC answered that one resoundingly in the affirmative. The outraged, performative yelping from both the candidates and conservative news… »10/29/15 9:22am10/29/15 9:22am


Watching Women Talk About Sexism In The Workplace Is Sort Of Like Sexism In The Workplace

Joanne Lipman, the editor of Portfolio, went on CNBC this morning to discuss that story about how women have altogether stopped making progress on the "gender parity" front in corporate America and I was keen to watch since I knew that she used to actually work with two of the anchors, Becky Quick and Carl… »3/25/08 4:30pm3/25/08 4:30pm

Tiffany Sales Could Save The Economy, But It's Probably Too Late For "Gross National Happiness"

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the Gross Domestic Product? You might be tempted to say "no," and scroll down hoping for the next picture of Shiloh Jolie-PItt, but the fact is that you will probably vote in November, and probably for the candidate you most trust to stave off this "recession" and the… »3/24/08 1:30pm3/24/08 1:30pm

Pat Buchanan Thinks You Should Be More Thankful For Slavery, Barry Obama

Pat Buchanan is entreating the black people of America to be more grateful to America bringing them here in "slave ships." I mean, they got welfare and methadone maintenance and forced Christianity and eventually the right to consider themselves fully human! Where is the gratitude, black people? And no, that is not my… »3/24/08 10:00am3/24/08 10:00am

Fox Business News: Where Are All The Hot, Semi-Fat Male Anchors?

All day long I've been watching Fox Business News, the new Rupert Murdoch-owned cable channel that is the big obsession of media industry types right now. Anyway, I think the deal is was originally that it was supposed to somehow cover business in way that was even more aggressively pro-business than CNBC, but then… »10/16/07 2:30pm10/16/07 2:30pm

Erin Burnett Teaches Us To Use Terrible World Events To Our Advantage: An Inspiring Story Of A Blogger And Her Collection Agent

CNBC's Money Honey 2.0 Erin Burnett is profiled in today's Washington Post. Fittingly, we read the story while waiting on hold with one of the lawyers hired by one of our loan shark creditors and pondering whether it would be worth the $20,000 signing bonus to just go to Iraq right now and post between car bombings… »8/27/07 12:30pm8/27/07 12:30pm

Finance Roundup: It's A Lot Easier To Be Thin When You Are Rich: Our Personal Finance Roundup

Skip lunch, read these articles and kill two birds! As we went to press it was a kinda-whatever day in the markets, allegedly on bad home sales data — no surprise to all you readers whose minds are so deadened and perfume-addled from the April glossy gluttony that you shirked your womanly duties to read The Economist »3/26/07 3:17pm3/26/07 3:17pm