Country Stars Are Disappointingly Understated At CMT Awards

In years past, the CMT Music Awards could be counted on to provide clouds of big hair, a sea of sequins, and waves of taffeta. Unfortunately, modernization has caused country stars to tone it down a little bit. » 6/09/11 12:20pm 6/09/11 12:20pm

On to more pleasant ensembles: Sunny Sweeney, Cheryl Hines, and Melissa Peterman did short and sparkly.

'Miss America' On Last Educated, Mystic Tanned Legs, But America's…

When the Miss America Pageant, ditched by Viacom owned CMT, finally goes the way of Elle Girl — online only (but so Web 2.0!) — some, like Nashville's Ralph Emery, may see it as a blow to that "little piece of Americana" that is the promotion of lofty goals (scholarship) alongside loftier ones (swimsuit-wearing!) » 3/30/07 12:12pm 3/30/07 12:12pm