Country Stars Are Disappointingly Understated At CMT Awards

In years past, the CMT Music Awards could be counted on to provide clouds of big hair, a sea of sequins, and waves of taffeta. Unfortunately, modernization has caused country stars to tone it down a little bit. »6/09/11 12:20pm6/09/11 12:20pm

On to more pleasant ensembles: Sunny Sweeney, Cheryl Hines, and Melissa Peterman did short and sparkly.

'Miss America' On Last Educated, Mystic Tanned Legs, But America's Pursuit Of Well-Rounded Ideal Persists

When the Miss America Pageant, ditched by Viacom owned CMT, finally goes the way of Elle Girl — online only (but so Web 2.0!) — some, like Nashville's Ralph Emery, may see it as a blow to that "little piece of Americana" that is the promotion of lofty goals (scholarship) alongside loftier ones (swimsuit-wearing!) »3/30/07 12:12pm3/30/07 12:12pm