Clueless Is 18 Years Old Today. Let's Celebrate with a GIF Party!

Clueless was released 18 years ago today, which means, among other things, that it can now buy cigarettes and that you are probably very, very old. But don't let the unrelenting march of time get you down — this is cause for huge celebration! Clueless can vote now! (Pismo Beach disaster relief is going to be a MAJOR… »7/19/13 1:40pm7/19/13 1:40pm

Kristen Stewart Refers To Herself as a "Miserable Cunt," Marie Claire Responds By Insulting Her "Grubby" Clothes

A sound bite like this isn't exactly unsurprising coming from La St00z, whose previous shocking bon mots include telling the paparazzi to "freeze to death" and saying that being photographed against your will is like "getting raped." During a Marie Claire UK Q&A with Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere,… »10/06/12 11:30am10/06/12 11:30am

Cher and Elton Have a TV Reunion, Clueless Fans Rejoice

Lovers of Clueless (i.e., everybody everywhere)! Last night, Alicia Silverstone (Cher Horowitz) guested on the ABC's Suburgatory, successfully reuniting her with former classmate and current Suburgatory star Jeremy Sisto (A.K.A. "Can't You Suck" Elton). Sure, Alicia, it's all well and good while you're listening to… »4/19/12 7:45pm4/19/12 7:45pm