Save The Date: Jezebel's Second Annual Fashion Swap Meet

Oh, Fashion Week, you cruel mistress. Actually, no — you're a bitch. You're a pretty, skinny bitch, showing us all of your lovely clothes, most of which we would like to wear and none of which we can afford. You're like a bully who follows us home at the end of the day; even when the shows are over, we're left feeling… »9/01/11 4:10pm9/01/11 4:10pm


Twiggy Hosts New Clothing Swap Show • Nightclub Overturns "No Fatties" Ban

ixties supermodel and former ANTM judge, Twiggy, will host a three-part TV show about clothing swap parties that are apparently a huge trend somewhere. • Women in the Krebet village in Indonesia are keeping the ancient craft of batik wood figures and textiles alive thanks to the growing popularity for batik items in… »7/30/08 5:20pm7/30/08 5:20pm