The G-Spot Debate Has Turned Into a Vaginal Witchhunt

Oh, g-spot orgasm. The media loves telling us that we should be having you all the time. (5 ways to have a highly specific orgasm from penis sex! And 5 reasons he thinks this is sexy!) And yet the media loves these studies about how your g-spot orgasm doesn't exist. Those silly women, and their silly fake orgasms. » 4/10/12 5:30pm 4/10/12 5:30pm

Sexpert Susie Bright Answers Your Burning Questions: Part 2

Susie Bright, sex-positive feminist and author, was gracious enough to help with your most troubling sex questions. All week, she and her daughter Aretha will be providing us with their sage advice. After the jump! » 2/25/09 3:00pm 2/25/09 3:00pm