Some Squeamish Republicans Want to Sell You G.O.B. Tampons

Since makers of fine feminine hygiene products have already tried using handsome men to hawk their suggestively-shaped pieces of cotton, the next logical ad gambit would be to have ill-at-ease members of the G.O.P. stand in a small, grade-school cluster while they hold tampons at arm's length, eyeing them with the… » 9/23/12 11:30am 9/23/12 11:30am

"Are You Still A Virgin If You've Had Oral Sex?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology » 8/15/08 4:20pm 8/15/08 4:20pm, the "advice" column in which we attempt to solve everyone's problems with an herbal remedy. (Remember, kids: Don't do drugs!) In this episode, , the Feldman to my Haim, helps me answer questions about Craigslist hookups, sleeping with siblings of friends, and ex…

Vintage Real World: Miami's Dan & Melissa Throwdown

The fight on last night's episode of The Real World, although infuriating, wasn't really as great as some Real World rows from past seasons. Let's take a look at the clash between nosy, Latina roommate Melissa, and self-professed drama queen Dan, of 1996's Miami cast. Melissa was known to go through the other… » 11/29/07 7:00pm 11/29/07 7:00pm