The Tribe of Travelers Obsessed With Going High, Higher, Highest

Britton Hill is a blip on the side of Florida’s County Road 285, a small highway near the state’s border with Alabama. The site is modestly appointed with a granite, tombstone-like marker and two park benches. The average Florida tourist, bound for a hot beach or the splashy allure of Disney World, might stop to… »6/03/15 1:20pm6/03/15 1:20pm


Will This Woman Be the First Black African Woman to Reach the Top of Mt. Everest?

Even though a casual perusal of Billy Goat's Bluff Digest reveals that a whole lot of people seem to be scrambling to the top of Mt. Everest these days, climbing the tallest summit in the world is no easy feat, and certainly not something any Appalachian Trail hiker can accomplish. That's why if Helen Kinuthia… »8/08/12 9:30am8/08/12 9:30am