Seth Meyers Mocks Ted Cruz to His Face, Has Never Been Cooler

Seth Meyers had Texas Senator and coy not-yet-presidential-candidate Ted Cruz on the show last night; in a genuinely impressive display of ballsiness, he joshed Cruz for terrifying a three-year-old and for not believing in climate change. » 3/18/15 11:10am 3/18/15 11:10am

Hundreds of Hungry Sea Lion Pups Wash Up on California Beaches

Since January, over 1,450 sea lions have been found stranded on California beaches, crowding rescue centers past capacity and worrying animal experts, The New York Times reports. According to researchers, this is 5 times greater than the historical average. » 3/15/15 11:19am 3/15/15 11:19am

Polar Bear Dicks Now Just Breaking Off Due to Climate Change

Congratulations, climate change deniers: You've won. In your quest to convince everyone that pollution and global warming doesn't exist you've hurt the only beings that can't hurt you back: The Coke-loving polar bears. You've hurt them right in their soft fuzzy dicks. » 1/26/15 4:45pm 1/26/15 4:45pm

Obama Administration Tried to Commission a Frozen Climate Change PSA

Adm. Robert Papp, the State Department's special representative for the Arctic, had a slippery time trying to convince Disney to feature characters from Frozen in a climate change PSA project. » 1/23/15 8:30pm 1/23/15 8:30pm

I'm Not Trying To Ruin Your Day, But Koalas Are Dying 

Images have surfaced of a badly burned koala receiving treatment in Australia, in case you needed a reminder that the human race is a viral infection doing its best to sap the earth of everything good and beautiful: » 1/08/15 12:30pm 1/08/15 12:30pm

Secret US-China Climate Deal Sounds Romantic As Hell

The United States and China have just committed to work together on reducing carbon emissions. Which is majorit's pretty much impossible to make meaningful progress on climate change without the two nations presenting a united front, and if we don't make meaningful progress on climate change, humanity is pretty much… » 11/12/14 11:40am 11/12/14 11:40am

Study Says Climate Change Could Be Detrimental to Male Fetuses

A Japanese researcher has taken a look at how temperature fluctuations attributed to climate change affect the sex ratio of infants, and has found that male fetuses are more vulnerable to extreme weather events, resulting in an increased female-to-male ratio. » 10/01/14 10:40am 10/01/14 10:40am

Poet Calls Out World Leaders in Stirring Speech on Climate Change

If you need yet another reality check on the very real climate changes issues we face, watch this video of Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner's wonderful presentation to the United Nations. » 9/23/14 6:15pm 9/23/14 6:15pm

The Polar Vortex Is Coming Back Next Week

After giving us an exceedingly cold and snowy winter, the Weather Gods are blessing Chicago and other parts of the Midwest/Northeast with unseasonably cool weather later this week. Think mild and pleasant mid-September temperatures, rather than hot and humid mid-July ones. » 7/14/14 5:20pm 7/14/14 5:20pm

Yay Summer: Existential-Dread-Causing Jellyfish Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Woo-hoo. Summer is awesome. If the bacteria at the beach don't give you hepatitis or diarrhea, you could still experience cramps, vomiting and existential dread, thanks to jellyfish… and the impending jellyfish apocalypse. » 6/30/14 12:10pm 6/30/14 12:10pm

Rush Limbaugh Thinks The Polar Vortex Is a Liberal Hoax, Naturally

Oh Jesus Christ. In news I couldn't make up if I was four days into an Ambien and LSD-induced fugue state, fucking Rush Limbaugh thinks the polar vortex that has basically been making your life a living hell is a Liberal hoax. » 1/07/14 11:30pm 1/07/14 11:30pm


When I step into the voting booth, I think about the world I want to leave my two daughters, and the values that are required to guide us there. The two parties' nominees for president offer different visions of where they want to lead America.

One believes a woman's right to choose should be protected for future…

» 11/01/12 5:45pm 11/01/12 5:45pm

Eerily Gorgeous Weather Finally Convinces People That Global Warming is…

You may have noticed that it's really, really nice out! And after only a few measly inches of snow this "winter," too. Hmmm...warm winter...really warm spring...wait...NOW I GET IT. » 3/21/12 7:00pm 3/21/12 7:00pm

Insane Weather About To Kill Us All

You know in Sim City when your city wasn't working out that well so you decided to hit with a tornado and a flood and a hurricane, and then also a monster? According to scientists, that's what's about to happen to the earth. For the first time, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has focused not just on… » 11/18/11 10:20am 11/18/11 10:20am

Starbucks Terrified Climate Change Will Put Them Out Of Business

For those of you who haven't yet found a reason to be worried about the effects of climate change, maybe this will work. » 10/16/11 4:55pm 10/16/11 4:55pm

Why Global Warming Is Creating Miniature Animals And How That Could…

It may sound adorable at first, but if the climate shift is making animals smaller, it changes the foods they can eat and what can prey on them, thus producing "all sorts of unpredictable knock-on effects in the ecosystem." » 9/24/11 6:05pm 9/24/11 6:05pm

Climate Change Could Hurt Teen Girls The Most

A new study shows teenage girls could face the worst harm from climate change. That's because families often pull their daughters out of school in times of extreme crisis, and may even sell them as so-called "famine brides." Girls also may not be taught the skills — like swimming or tree-climbing — they need to… » 7/21/11 5:20pm 7/21/11 5:20pm

Winter Can't Get Much Worse If You're A Reindeer With A Penis

The Arctic's indigenous Sami peoples discovered castrating reindeer helps herds handle winters made worse by climate change. Castrated males keep their antlers longer, allowing them to break through ice to find food, and are more likely to share with calves. » 1/28/11 9:52am 1/28/11 9:52am

Love Songs Make It Easier To Find A Date • Woman Rips Windpipe Blowing…

• French researchers have found that listening to love ballads can make women more likely to accept a date from an "average" young man. In order to test this, they played their subjects music by Francis Cabrel and Vincent Delerm. » 6/18/10 6:00pm 6/18/10 6:00pm